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Commercial Roof Repair – Although Your Roof Is Out of Sight, Don’t Let It Be Out of Mind

This past year, Colorado certainly endured its share of weather systems rolling through the Rocky Mountain region. From rain, snow, sleet, and hail, to tornadoes, wind, and sun, we pretty much saw it all. Going from negative temperatures and storm one day to hot, sunny weather the very next day seemed to be a common occurrence.

While these 70-degree temperature swings led to elusive outdoor event planning and a plethora of colds, it positively impacted your roof as well. Your roof system is designed to protect you from the elements, but what happens when the weather elements get the better of your roof?

Common Signs That Your Commercial Roof is in Need of Repair

When the integrity of your roof is compromised, you have plenty of indicators that should prompt you to schedule a quick service call. Stained ceiling tiles, repeat leaks after rain and snow storms, deteriorating health conditions as a result of mold, and excessive heating/cooling bills are all signs that it’s time to bring in the roofing professionals.

Be Sure to Get Your Commercial Roof Inspected Regularly

Regular roof inspections every six months to one year are highly recommended to prolong the life and integrity of your roof system. However, harsh weather conditions may warrant more frequent inspections or even immediate maintenance and repairs. If you’re not sure if your roof sustained damages from a storm, it might be best to call for a quick inspection before leaks even surface.

Does Your Roof Need Repair or a Full Commercial Re-roofing?

When called for Re-roofing Brisbane, roofing experts will perform an overall roof inspection. They will be inspecting for membrane damage, as well as deteriorating membrane and details, that may have contributed to your leaks. A quality roofing technician will perform and thorough analysis so you can … Read the rest